Bridal Hair 6th July 2018

MY 1ST EVER BLOG, with many more to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a #MobileTherapist in #Somerset #England and I provide plenty of #treatments to my clients, i also provide treatments at #PamperParties any pictures and updates on my business and goings on will now be posted on here!!


#AmandaB had the pleasure of doing #Hairupdos  on 4 bridesmaids on the 6th of July 2018. I arrived with the #Makeupartist my colleague Linda at 8.30am and we #pampered these lovely ladies from start to finish!! It was just perfect to see the final transformation before they set off for the church!! Such a wonderful atmosphere to be part of, Tiffany’s Wedding Day.

Author: amandabs425228153

A Mobile Therapist in Somerset, England, who has just celebrated her 5th year in business and being a busy self employed lady!

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