I am still here, ready to BLOG 23rd July 2018!!

#AmandaB needed a new laptop as my old one wasn’t keeping up to speed, so I purchased an Acer Aspire 3 on Saturday and after using it once it wouldn’t work, argh!!! A friend has helped me out by uninstalling some apps etc and now I can use it to #BLOG again, Yipee!!!

So, I have had a week off from work and i started back up today, I was eased in gently with just a relaxing #FullBodyMassage and a #Pedicure to do. In this heat its most appreciated!!

I didn’t take a picture of the #Pedicure, my bad!!

Tomorrow consists of a couple having #BackNeckandShoulderMassages in the morning and then another couple having a #FullBodyDeepTissueMassage and a #BackNeckandShoulderDeepTissueMassage in the evening!

Let’s hope I can cope with the heat, lots of water intake tomorrow me thinks.

I must dash now as I am hungry but I will be back and I will find time in-between #clients tomorrow to follow other people and hopefully I can build on follower’s!!

Tatta for now, Amanda





person wearing eyeglasses
Photo by Pexen Design on Pexels.com

Author: amandabs425228153

A Mobile Therapist in Somerset, England, who has just celebrated her 5th year in business and being a busy self employed lady!

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