Hot Hot Hot 24th July 2018!!

Well it’s certainly turning out to be a #HotSummer here in the UK!!

I went out and done 2 x #Massages this morning on my regular #clients, luckily for me they provided me with water and a very cool room to do the #treatments in, phew!!

The temperature outside was well over 23 degrees Celsius, well over 73 degrees Fahrenheit, that is warm for us in the UK and especially warm for me when i have to travel to #clients houses, provide #treatments and then leave to go to the next client!!!!! The car heats up quickly, reaching up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

I have kept myself cool this afternoon (I have stayed indoors) as I will be travelling to some more clients shortly to provide more #Massages, lucky me, hopefully they will put me in a cool room, fingers crossed.

This is a short and sweet #blog, that is all I intend doing to be honest, just write up’s and pictures of #Nails #Hair and #Makeup and the odd quirky picture.

Thanks for reading my post!

Amanda B

black vent close up photography
Photo by Jess Watters on


Author: amandabs425228153

A Mobile Therapist in Somerset, England, who has just celebrated her 5th year in business and being a busy self employed lady!

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