A lovely week for different treats!!

Well this week was less miles travelled(only 75!) by myself, compared to 200 miles last week!!

My clients were mainly local to me apart from 1 which was a 40 mile round trip.

All the treatments provided were varied from #deeptissuemassage to #reflexology to #pregnancymassage to #postpregnancymassage to #indianheadmassage to #legandfootmassage to #trialbridalmakeup to #pedicure to #gelnails and then finally a #facial 🙂


As always, this #mobiletherapist is a #busybee I was fortunate to find this beauty on my break, in my garden on the yellow flowers(I don’t know the name!).

Here are a few more picture’s of my ladies nails this week, 1 was a #pedicure on my 81 year old lady who wanted something dark, a plum or a red, I gave her #oxblood #cnd #vinylux which she absolutely loved!!

WP_20180802_17_18_43_Pro (2)

The 2nd picture is my 69 year old lady who has #gelnails #opi #blackcherrychutney put on every 3 weeks without fail!!!! Unfortunately she had to wait 5 weeks due to me being on holiday and then she was ill!!! I think she was very glad to see me!

WP_20180803_12_49_42_Pro_LI (2)

I did do a trial bridal makeup this week which I would love to show you the results but I can’t as I need her permission to show the work I done. Nevermind, when I do get a bride-to-be’s permission I’ll post it!!

Thanks for taking the time to read my post, I am still at 2 followers and I would love to improve that and get some conversations going on my posts!!

Feel free to let me know how to improve followers and how to improve my posts!!!

Regards Amanda

Author: amandabs425228153

A Mobile Therapist in Somerset, England, who has just celebrated her 5th year in business and being a busy self employed lady!

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