16 days since I lasted posted on my #blog 🙂 the time goes by so quickly, my feet don’t ever touch the ground!!!!!

Sooooooo much has happened since I last posted I sold my house and bought another, all in the space of 12 days!!! All this done whilst still working full time, googling properties in the night time, arranging to view them 1st thing in the morning and viewing them all in between clients, I hasten to add, me – wonder woman!!!!!!

I have lost track of the mileage I have done in 16 days, it’s probably well over 300 I expect, that’s excluding travelling to and from properties to view.

My lovely therapist friend Linda helped me out on 2 pamper parties on the 25th of August, 1 in Long Sutton, Somerset and the other in Godney, Somerset.

wp_ss_20180826_0001 (2)

The lucky guests were all treated to Full Body Massage’s, Back Massage’s, Indian Head Massage’s, Reflexology and a Pedicure!!!!!

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I had a fabulous review on my facebook business page from the lady who organised the Long Sutton Pamper Party, it is so lush to get feedback!!!! Thankyou Gemma!

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All of my regular clients have been treated to Indian Head Massage’s, Deep Tissue Back Massage’s and Full Body Deep Tissue Massage’s, there have also been lots of new clients, which is also a bonus, there were 3 newbie’s come to think of it, lovely!!!!

I won’t be taking on anymore new clients at the moment, due to moving soon, my waiting list for treatments is up to 3 weeks, i’ll hopefully be moving the beginning of November, so it makes sense not to take anymore on when i’ll be moving further away from them.

I done another Pamper Party on Friday night, just gone, in Bradford on Avon, more lovely ladies were treated to Back Massage’s and facial’s, this was the last one booked in my diary this year, i’ll be bracing myself for the influx of enquiries for next year, 2 are already pencilled in!!!!

Amanda B must dash now, I have the tea to cook and then to look forward to putting my feet up tonight, I have a full day of clients tomorrow, all Deep Tissue Massage’s, so I need to prepare!!

Regards Amanda

New things to come…….watch this space!

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This week has been a lovely steady week, both work wise and socially!

Amanda B caught up with a friend who’s birthday was this week, we had a lovely walk(around 5 miles) in Godney, Somerset, followed by a fab meal at The Sheppey in Godney, Somerset also.

I try to take time out for myself a couple times a week, it’s not all about work and earning money, you need to have a healthy work/life balance.

I also had a good business meeting with my Therapist friend regarding us starting a new venture together providing Hair and makeup to ladies getting ready to go out on the town………..watch this space regarding this!!!

The treatments I provided were varied this week, which is always good, Indian Head Massage and Reflexology are very popular, especially for those who wish to chill out afterwards.

I had the pleasure of doing a Pamper Party in Frome, Somerset on Saturday and the ladies had a mixture of treatments, Back massages, Facials, Indian Head Massage, and Manicures, they were celebrating a Hen weekend and what better way to celebrate it than having a pamper in the comfort of your own home!


I should be ‘Day off’ today but my regular pregnant lady asked if I could possibly give her a treatment this weekend, so I’m heading down the road to Pilton to give her a helping hand this morning!!!

Only 100 miles or so travelled this week but I know next week is full of clients and lots of miles will be covered, so the ‘pamper mobile’ will be out and about Somerset making sure my clients are happy!!

I must dash now, I need to get out of my PJ’s and get ready for my Pregnant lady!!

Until next week!!

Amanda B


200+ Miles travelled this week, the joys of being a MOBILE THERAPIST!!

Oh what fun #amandab has had since she last posted(24th July 2018)!!!

5 days later and I have made it to my day off, only just!

I absolutely love my job and I wouldn’t change it for the world, being self-employed is hard work but it’s well worth the effort and being your own boss is just fabulous.

So this week has been manic, I had the previous week off on holiday, which means I play catch up with my regular clients and I end up messing up their routine slightly!!

I have added up the miles I have travelled since Monday the 23rd July and it looks like I have travelled to Lands End, Cornwall, from my house in Somerset, and then headed back home and got as far as St. Ives!!!!

In this week, I have probably lost a stone in weight through sweating, as all my clients, apart from 1 had #deeptissuemassages or #holisticmassage, my car has been extremely hot and my air con has been on overdrive!!! The UK doesn’t get heatwaves like this and so when we get it we try not to moan, apart from when you have to work in it!!!!!!!!!!

Next week still looks busy for me and the weather is set to get hot again (it’s been raining and windy here today) ironically it’s my day off, I call that sods law. I have marked it in my diary that I have next Saturday and Sunday off, a rare occasion, so I shall make the most of it.

The last 2 days I have had the pleasure in #pampering some lovely ladies on #hendos, all of them were treated to #backmassages, by the end of them I needed a #backmassage!!

Here are some pictures attached of the 1st #henparty and the 2nd #henparties view I had whilst #massaging the lovely ladies.

Enjoy, I am signing off now, so I can make the most of my ‘day off’.

Amanda xWP_20180728_12_54_53_Pro_LI (2).jpgWP_20180727_16_28_18_Pro_LI.jpgWP_20180727_16_27_23_Pro_LI.jpg

Hot Hot Hot 24th July 2018!!

Well it’s certainly turning out to be a #HotSummer here in the UK!!

I went out and done 2 x #Massages this morning on my regular #clients, luckily for me they provided me with water and a very cool room to do the #treatments in, phew!!

The temperature outside was well over 23 degrees Celsius, well over 73 degrees Fahrenheit, that is warm for us in the UK and especially warm for me when i have to travel to #clients houses, provide #treatments and then leave to go to the next client!!!!! The car heats up quickly, reaching up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

I have kept myself cool this afternoon (I have stayed indoors) as I will be travelling to some more clients shortly to provide more #Massages, lucky me, hopefully they will put me in a cool room, fingers crossed.

This is a short and sweet #blog, that is all I intend doing to be honest, just write up’s and pictures of #Nails #Hair and #Makeup and the odd quirky picture.

Thanks for reading my post!

Amanda B

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I am still here, ready to BLOG 23rd July 2018!!

#AmandaB needed a new laptop as my old one wasn’t keeping up to speed, so I purchased an Acer Aspire 3 on Saturday and after using it once it wouldn’t work, argh!!! A friend has helped me out by uninstalling some apps etc and now I can use it to #BLOG again, Yipee!!!

So, I have had a week off from work and i started back up today, I was eased in gently with just a relaxing #FullBodyMassage and a #Pedicure to do. In this heat its most appreciated!!

I didn’t take a picture of the #Pedicure, my bad!!

Tomorrow consists of a couple having #BackNeckandShoulderMassages in the morning and then another couple having a #FullBodyDeepTissueMassage and a #BackNeckandShoulderDeepTissueMassage in the evening!

Let’s hope I can cope with the heat, lots of water intake tomorrow me thinks.

I must dash now as I am hungry but I will be back and I will find time in-between #clients tomorrow to follow other people and hopefully I can build on follower’s!!

Tatta for now, Amanda





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